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Moments Matter, Attendance Counts – Parent and Carer Information


Chester Park Schools aim for all children to have a good education and in order for that to happen children must come to school.  The schools have a target that all children attend for at least 97% over the course of the school year.  Many children manage a whole year with no absences, but the school understands that at times children are ill and coming to school is not possible.


It is our duty, as a school to ensure we support parents and carers to fulfil their legal responsibility to send their children to school.  Evidence shows that the more time children spend in school the better their life outcomes.  If children miss a lot of time at school this can become a safeguarding issue.


Children are expected to attend school 190 days per year.  This means that there are at least 175 days when children are not expected to attend school.  We have a strict policy of 48 hours off school for vomiting and/or diarrhoea bug, but for all other illnesses we strongly advise you try to send your child to school.  Please inform the school if your child is not able to attend. 


Our staff are very experienced in monitoring a child with illness and we will contact the parent/carer should we feel the child is unable to stay at school.  If you feel your child may be poorly, please let a staff member know at the beginning of the day.  We do not administer paracetamol (Calpol), but you are very welcome to come to school during the school day to top-up medicine if you think it will be needed.


The schools have a responsibility to monitor attendance and lateness.  School staff analyse all illness and absence each week, we look at patterns in the absence and also talk to schools that siblings may attend to see if there are any safeguarding concerns.  The Education Welfare Service also monitor attendance remotely and will advise the school if they have any concerns with a child’s attendance.  We understand that children’s attendance may be adversely affected by illness or a specific medical need and in these cases the schools will work alongside the school nurse and other medical professionals to help support the child and family.


You can check guidance for illness on the NHS website:   or call the school office and our staff will be able to help you with any concerns regarding illness and keeping your child off school. 


All our staff are here to help your child achieve the best education they can.


Yours in partnership,


Mike McNama



Absence Reporting

There is a dedicated attendance telephone line at both schools.  If your child is unwell and unable to come to school please phone:

Infant School: 0117 3773047

 Choosing Option 1

Junior School: 0117 3773365

Choosing Option 1

Please then leave:

·         Your child’s name

·         Their class

·         Your relationship to the child

·         Your telephone number should we need to contact you

·         A brief reason for the absence