Chester Park


Positive, Resilient, Meaningful

Our Vision, Values & Ethos

Our Vision

Positive:  This attribute is incredibly powerful and empirical research has found that there are many very real health benefits linked to positive thinking and optimistic attitudes.  At Chester Park we are positive in everything we undertake.


Resilient:  All stakeholder groups highlighted being resilient and or persevering as being vital.  Being able to manage ups and downs and to ‘bounce back’ when things are hard is a key skill for life.  Resilience fosters a growth mindset and empowers independence in learning.  Resilience supports motivation and the desire to succeed.  At Chester Park we want everyone to become resilient and to reach their potential.


Meaningful:  Having a purpose or meaning was important to each group.  The feedback highlights the importance of understanding why something is done and what is being done having a value.  Working towards an outcome was seen as essential to support learning.  At Chester Park all we do is meaningful.


Our Values & Ethos

At Chester Park we know how important relationships are and work to build positive and lasting relationships with our community.  Pupils feel safe at Chester Park and are able to develop as learners and individuals as they move through the schools.  Chester Park is inclusive and supports pupils with a range of needs to achieve their potential and we help prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.  A sense of belonging is important, valuing and celebrating the range of cultures within our community is a key part of this.  Our curriculum supports learners to achieve success in the core areas of learning and to explore the importance of creativity through the arts as well as using foundation subjects to help build a picture of the area the live in.